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Happy Times! Dolphins Play! Acrylic Painting

happy times dolphin play

Special kind of magic!


Another fun project!

This acrylic pouring didn't really turn out as I had hoped, sometimes I need to know when to stop!

Anyway, nothing wasted.  Originally OceanBliss, this piece created a nice design for Scarves, Wraps and accessories created in ShopVida!

I had a friend suggest that I create an ocean scene, rather than re-do my pouring.  So I decided on an oceanic dolphin scene.

You know, every time I have been down at the waterfront or down at the beach, when a dolphin appears, people get excited!   When I see a dolphin, it makes me feel happy and it is a reminder to lighten up and remember to play!  They just have a special kind of magic about them.

Still a work in progress!

All the Artists

I would just like to acknowledge all the fine artists on the internet who share their tips, thank you, thank you!

My plan this year is to get some lessons!  I am always looking to improve my art.