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‘True Blue’ Wraps and Scarves in Store Now

Trueblue merino scarf shopvida


Modal, Cashmere, Silk, Cotton, Merino Wool Scarves

Prices start as low as $35.00 USD!

Cocoon Wraps $110 USD

Sheer Wraps $120 USD

True Blue Merino Wool Scarf
True Blue Cocoon Wrap
True Blue Cashmere Silk Scarf
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Prosper – New Design on Apparel

From Fireflies to Prosper

So this is how I do it!  I create my artwork on canvas and then take my work into PicMonkey, give it an edit and upload it onto products!  Each design is then given its own title and presto!  I have made my art versatile and unique.

Acrylic on canvas abstract art in fluorescent green, blue, purple, pink, red and yellow
Womens Tops | Unisex Tops