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Whispers in the Wind


Humble Beginning - A Soulful Purpose


In 2017 upon completion of 'Inspiration a Gift for all of Creation' (Pegasus Vortex) my heart was set on sharing messages that I receive to help me along this journey of life.

Being a psychic/intuit is quite a taboo subject!

I consider it to be a gift and to be used for the highest good and intention.

I felt such an urgency to share 'Whispers in the Wind' with the World to help restore hope to those who feel lost, unworthy or ready to give up on life itself.

In the process of discovering all these wonderful sites to upload my artworks I had fallen into having to become business minded.  (Ouch!  Not an easy thing to do).

I have gone into MELTDOWN mode quite often since starting this new venture.  

Every time I was ready to disconnect from Cyberspace the perfect message would appear at the perfect time, giving me the Strength and Courage to continue on with my mission/vision, regardless  of the negative opinion of others, or the self doubt that creeps in.

(Thank you Pegasus - Divine intervention at hand)

Often, I have had to check in with myself and go from my head back into my heart, remembering the events that took place in 2015 and the reason why I started this.

So today and everyday Be Strength, Be Courageous in your endeavours.

Believe in Yourself!

Follow Your Dreams no matter what someone elses opinion might be, it is your dream, your vision that has come from a much higher place.

Trust your guidance, that inner voice, that gut feeling.

May the Light of Divinity shine upon you now and forever!